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Unification is about a cat chasing its own laser pointer into an ancient black hole engine. Unleash your cat instincts as Gumbot, tackling physics and critters alike! Leap and scramble up ledges, zoom with rocket parkour, shift gravity at will, and wield curious artifacts and dreamlike powers.

Fluid and powerful physics-based movement: Feel momentum and the wind rushing past while leaping into chasms, vaulting over ledges, weaving around traps, and shifting gravity at will.

Kinetic tools propelling you forward: Swing above traps with a grappling hook, or glide past with a parachute. Go in guns blazing with a shotgun, or slice with a katana. Forge a new path with a jackhammer, or warp through with a teleporter.

Carefully crafted controls and haptics: Each action is positioned on the controllers to allow effortless simultaneous usage of all movement and tool capabilities, inducing a flow state of control. Player collisions, damage, climbing, tool usage, and more are fed into haptics for a complete loop of sensory I/O.

Procedural destructible biomes filled with traps and enemies: Navigate through voxel cave obstacle courses with branching paths that test your reactions, knowledge, and control. Feel free to explore the depths and get lost. The handheld mini-map and conveniently placed teleporters make it easy to quickly get back on track.


Charge bombing in the Cursed Tomb Laser blasting in the Scorched Canyon Gravity-shifting in the Gravity Grotto Rocket boosting in the Frozen Laboratory Zero gravity climbing in the Core Collapse